Baseball is basically a team sport which is played by several professional leagues around the world. For understanding the game of professional baseball, it is essential for you to know the important basics of how the game is played. Basically, the game of baseball is played in the baseball field that has four bases laid out in a square, positioned like a diamond whose outline mark the course a runner must take a score. The game is played between two teams consisting of nine players each. When one team is on the field, the other team takes turns among its members, at batting the ball.

The main objective of the professional baseball sports is to score runs or keep the other team from scoring runs. Runs in the game of baseball are scored by the batter striking the ball any place inside the foul lines and then running to first, second, and third bases, successively, and then coming back to home base. The team that scores the highest runs in nine innings wins the game. However, baseball sports is considered as the national past time of United States. Several professional baseball leagues are played throughout the world. The first professional association was formed in the year 1871 and it became the National League in the year 1876.

In the professional major leagues and associated farm teams, players are basically chosen for their talents and are paid to play for a particular team or club system. Considering the modern professional leagues like Major League Baseball in North America; generally consists of the National League and the American League. Besides these major leagues, many North American cities and towns also feature minor league teams. An organization officially styled Minor League baseball, basically supervise or look after all the minor league baseball in United States and Canada. These minor leagues are also divided into different classes. Yet all these minor-league divisions are affiliated with major league teams, and serve to develop young players and rehabilitate injured major-leaguers.

There are also independent minor leagues that operate outside of the Minor League Baseball Organization including Northern league, Golden League, Atlantic League, Frontier League, CanAm League etc. Moreover, professional baseball leagues also exist in several Latin American countries. In Asia, In Asia, there are professional baseball leagues in Japan and South Korea and on the island of Taiwan. Japan has two major leagues, the Central and the Pacific, which face off in the Japan Series every October.