Bowling Sport

Bowling is a kind of game which is becoming very popular amongst the people of the world. In this game, players try to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a plain surface, basically a wooden or synthetic surface, into pins or to get close to a target ball. There are different forms of bowling sport; one of the most recent forms is the ten-pin bowling. However, on September 9, 1895, the first standardized rules on bowling were established in New York. Today, almost 95 million people in more than ninety countries worldwide enjoyed the game of bowling.

There are basically four main variations of bowling that are found in North America, but it varies in New England and parts of Canada. The variation of bowling sport includes tenpin, candlepin, duckpin and fivepin. Tenpin is the biggest and heaviest pins, which is bowled with a big ball, and is the most popular size in North America. Candlepin is tall, thin and bowled with a handheld ball. Duckpin is short, squat and primarily bowled with a handheld ball. Basically, fivepin is tall, ranges between duckpins and candlepins in diameter with a rubber girdle, and it is bowled with a handheld ball, mostly found in Canada.

Professional bowling begins with the establishment of Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) in the year 1958 in United Sates. This association is the primary sanctioning body of professional sports bowling i.e. profession ten-pin bowling in United States. Its headquartered is located in Seattle, Washington. The PBA memberships comprises of almost 4,300 members worldwide. Members include pro shops owners and workers, teaching professionals and bowlers who compete in the various events put on by the Association.

The PBA looks after competition between professional bowlers tour different bowling tour such as PBA Tour which runs from September to April each year. There is also PBA Women’s Series. Like PBA Tour, PBA members 50 years and older are able to compete in their own events in PBA Senior Tour. Moreover, there is also PBA Regional Tour which allows exempt and non-exempt members, and amateurs to compete in weekend events. The Tour consists of seven regions including Central, East, Midwest, Northwest, South, Southwest, and West.