Professional Cricket

The game of cricket is very popular all over the world. This game has developed a fully professional international sport since many leading players can earn a large income. Basically, cricket is a bat and ball team sports. It is played between two teams of eleven players each. The objective of each team is to score more runs than the other team and to completely dismiss the other team. The first professional cricket had its appearance in the first half of the eighteen century England, when heavy gambling on the game encouraged wealthy patrons to draft the best players into their teams. In the second half of the century, the famous Hambledon Club paid its players match fees.

Cricket sport gain popularity overseas with the expansion of British Empire, and the first international cricket were held by the mid 19th century. With its sterling popularity in the Test playing countries, cricket is highly considered as the second most popular sport of the world, after football. The International Cricket council (ICC) supervise both men's and women’s cricket. Today, the game's governing body, the ICC has 104 member countries. However, the rules of games are known as the Laws of Cricket and these are maintained by the ICC and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which holds the copyright.

There are numerous variations in the length of a cricket game. In professional sports cricket this basically ranges from a last straw of 20 overs per side to a game played over 5 days. In professional cricket matches, there are fifteen people on the field while the match is in play. Two of them are the umpires you regulate all on field activity. Two are the batsmen, one of whom is the striker as he is facing the bowling; the other is known as the non-striker. The fielding side has all 11 players on the field together. One of them is the bowler another is the wicketkeeper and the other nine are called fielders. Depending on the form of the match being played, there are different rules that govern how a game is won, lost, drawn or tied.

International series and tournaments are also held. Different countries compete in different tournament organized by the ICC. The Cricket World Cup is held after every five years. However, the highest paid cricketers in the world are the star members of the Indian cricket team or the Australian cricket team who make most of their income from endorsement contracts. Cricket is the main sport in India, and the players are front rank celebrities, especially Sachin Tendulkar, who is one of the world's highest paid sportsmen.