Professional Football

Football is one of the most popular sports of the world. It is basically a team sport. When we talk about the professional sports football, the term professional football in the United States and Canada includes both the professional forms of American and Canadian gridiron football. In common usage, it refers to the former and existing major football leagues in either country. Professional football evolves from amateur football. Today, there are many professional football leagues in North America but the two most well known leagues are the National Football League (NFL) in United States and the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Earlier National Football League was named as American Professional Football League; it changed its named to National Football League in the year 1922 in an effort to expand football in the Midwest. Today, this league is the highest level of professional American football. The league presently comprises of thirty two teams from the United States. The league is categorized evenly into conferences- the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Each conference has four divisions that consist of four teams each. The NFL is organized as an unincorporated association of its 32 teams.

The league’s seventeen season regular season runs from late December to early January; each teams play sixteen games with bye one week. The six teams from each conference will compete in the NFL playoffs; a 12 team single purge tournament that concludes with the championship game called the Super Bowl. This league in some way defines the popularity of football sport in United States. The other famous professional league is the Canadian Football League (CFL). It is form of Gridiron football and CFL is the highest level of competition in Canadian football.

The CFL is officially established in the year 1958 and is the most popular major sports league in Canada after the National Football League. This league basically consists of eight teams which are situated in eight different cities. It is further divided into two conferences of four teams each – East and West. The league’s nineteen regular season runs from late June to late November; each team plays 18 games with one bye week. Following the regular season, the six teams with the best records compete in the league's three-week playoffs, which culminate in the late-November Grey Cup championship, the country's largest annual sports. Moreover, Canadian football is also enjoyed at amateur level.