Auto Racing Sport

For majority of people the real thrill is what lies in the speed in the wheel of an automobile. Most of the people love to conquer the clock timings and few others during professional auto racing. Some people are content to watch the show but others must be in the thick of the action in order to find the rush that they are looking for.

In nineteenth century when the first fuel powered car was invented from then only began the car racing era. And the very first professional auto racing was organized by a Paris magazine Le Petit Journal in 1894, to find out the finest performers. After a year, the first actual race was organized from Paris to Bordeaux, in France. In professional auto racing sport, with the Gordon Bennett Cup the International auto racing sport marked its beginning. In 1895 the venue for the first auto car race was Chicago in the United States. Mainly the professional auto racing was dominated by the French and the French automobile club ACF was the one to arrange a number of major international races, generally from Paris or to Paris, linking with other prime cities in either Europe or France.

There are several different forms of the Auto racing sport, some of them are considered illegal where as some of them are legal. The professional auto racing ahs been in words since the first car was developed and it has still continued to gain name and fame because large number of auto racing drivers are getting famous via commercials and advertisements. In this article we will discuss some of the basic facts when it comes to the professional auto racing sport.

Professional auto racing is basically a sport in which automobiles compete against each other or they race individually. The prime driving force behind the auto racing sport is the thrilling speed which produces an adrenalin rush in the body which cannot compare to any of the other things or sports. The racers either race to set some records or break previous records or against fellow drivers to test their efficiency and superiority of the fastest car. Auto racing sport has grown into a very famous sport, particularly in the Southern United States where racing has developed into its very own marketing niche. People race everything from motorbikes, cars to trucks in order to gain fame and glory. Some people race on a viable circuit professionally and some are untrained racing at local drag strips.