Swimming As A Sport

Swimming is an aquatic sport which is based on the human act of swimming. Basically, the goal of swimming sport is to complete a given distance in the smallest time. Different swimming competitions are held which are totally based on speed and endurance such as crossing an English Channel. Swimming as a sport, is different from other aquatic sports like diving, synchronized swimming and water polo that involves the act of swimming but the goal is neither speed nor endurance. However, it is widely believe that swimming is the best aerobic exercise in the world.

During 19th century, competitive swimming became very popular and the internatonal swimming association, Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) was formed in the year 1908. Professional swimming develops with the formation of this swimming association. There are thirty six officially individual swimming events including 18 male events and 18 female events. These competitive swimming events are governed and organized by FINA. However, among 36 events only 34 of them are recognized by the International Olympic Committee which includes 17 male and 17 female.

Professional sports swimming competitions has many different modalities which includes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and individual or IM. However, depending on the modalities and the style of swimming, different turns such as open turn, flip turn or tumble turn and backward turn and bucket turn may be permitted at the end walls. Most of the swimming competitions are held in a long course pool such as that at the Olympic games(50 m) or short course pool as was used in the Manchester world championships (25 m or 25 yd).

The International Federation for swimming, FINA organized the Swimming World Cup, which is an international series of short course swimming. The series of events in this world Cup includes freestyle (50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, 400 m, 800 m for women and 1800 m for men), back stroke (50 m, 100 m, 200 m), breaststroke (50 m, 100 m, 200 m), butterfly (50 m, 100 m, 200 m), and individual medley (100 m, 200 m, 400 m) for both male and female. Currently, the overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers are awarded prize money.