Professional Football Game

There are various sports referred under the name of football sports that vary in some degree from each other. In the professional football game a ball is kicked with the foot in order to hit a score or a goal. The most famous among these sports across the world is association football, more popularly called "Professional football" or "soccer". Although, the term football is applied to whichever form of football became famous in any specific part of the world.

In the year of 1985 the first professional football game was first played and the formation of APFA or American Professional Football Association took place ion the year of 1920. It was named again as the NFL or National Football League in the year of 1922 and it is still called with the same name of NFL. The beginning of NFL in the mid of forties was slow and it had only ten teams under its compliance. Then in 1970 there took place a major merger which combined the 16 teams of NFL with the 10 teams of AFL teams to form one large organization with two conferences. The expansion continued to the now 32 team league and professional football has grown tremendously since it’s beginnings in 1869 from one college game to a billion dollar empire.

Therefore, the English idiom "football" is applied to "gridiron football" (a name connected with the North American sports, particularly American football and Canadian football), Australian football, Rugby union, Rugby league, Gaelic football, and other associated games. These rule dissimilarities are referred as codes.

Given below are the common elements that are shared by the different codes of football sports:

• There are two teams of usually 11 to 18 players; but yet there few other variations that have lesser number of players (five or more per team) are also famous
• There is pre determined and outlined boundary in which the game is played.
• The goals are scored by moving the ball in the opponent’s team filed end or into the goal area, or over a line. And goals are the points that results from players putting the ball between two goalposts.
• The goal or line being protected by the conflicting team.
• Players are required to move the ball—on the basis of the code—by kicking, carrying, or hand-passing the ball.
• All the players are allowed only to utilize their body to move the ball.

The professional football game has different codes, and under every code there are rules that confine the player’s offside movement, and players hitting a goal must place the ball either under or above a crossbar amid the goalposts. People across the globe have played sports like professional football which entails kicking or carrying a ball, since ancient times. But, most of the modern codes of football sports have their origins in England.